About me

My name's Milosz, and I am a 20 years old Polish Software Development student living in Ireland.

My hobbies include

  • Gaming
  • Programming
  • Virtual Reality
  • Gadgets/Technology
  • PC Building
Programming Skills/Languages Knowledge

Current / Past Projects

I have started off my programming adventure in 2016, on a popular Sandbox game called Garry's Mod, which supports Lua layered on top of the game engine as a scripting language.

Currently, I am attending Year 2 of Software Development course in GMIT, Ireland.

Below, you can see different Garry's Mod networks I have been working with, along with other premium projects.

Monolith Servers

Lua/SQL Garry’s Mod server development including development of UI, Game Systems, Bugfixing, Q&A Testing and general code maintenance.

Exhibition Servers

Lua/SQL Addon development for Garry’s Mod – Including managing Q&A sessions and UI Design.

GMODStore Projects

Currently producing and selling completely custom and made from ground up game scripts the gmodstore platform.

You can see a few sneak peaks in the link above.

Happy Customers
Just perfect
Fellow GMODStore Developer
I'm writing a new review. The old one was outdated, as I have to say - RMeth has definetly improved! It's more communicative than it's competition, looks very good and I love the hazmat suit! 5/5, would recommend anytime, especially after the remaster