How to start developing Lua scripts for Garry’s Mod – Introduction

Hi – My name’s Milosz. I have been developing addons for Garry’s Mod for a good few years now, starting sometime in 2016 – Some of my work can be seen on a popular Garry’s Mod marketplace called gmodstore. I also work freelance (read: developer for hire) and my work can be seen on various Garry’s Mod servers.

Mentioning this, I have always seen people willing to learn gLua (Garry’s Mod Lua) – But finding that there’s tutorials out there – But those tutorials assume that people know the basics of programming or they are incomplete because of various reasons.

Because of this, I decided to start this series of blog posts, where I will provide a very simple introduction to Garry’s Mod Lua – Which means that this tutorial will set a perfect foundation for you, to learn from and better yourself, and in no way this tutorial is meant to make you a perfect developer hold your hand throughout the more advanced stages of it.

Having that clarified, during the tutorial series we will create:

  • A simple money printer for DarkRP
  • Mario-Style coins that float above the ground, give you money when touched, and fly out of a killed players

But we won’t get to that straight away, first, you’ll learn foundations of programming with Lua, we’ll set up your Workspace environment using Visual Studio Code and I’ll show you basic rules of Lua programming.